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An Unexpected Landing

Early on the morning of August 20th, the residents of Stevenson Oaks found an unexpected guest on their front lawn.

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Wedding Bloopers

A couple’s wedding is a special day, often planned with perfection in mind. However, these five couples learned that there is no guarantee things will go smoothly. Now, years later, these are the moments that make them smile the brightest when they remember their wedding day, bloopers and all.


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Is it time to move Mom to Assisted Living? Top 10 Things to Look for During Your Holiday Visit

Mom reports that she is doing fine, but there is a feeling in the pit of your stomach that her day-to-day quality of life isn't what it should be. Is it time to move to an Assisted Living Community?

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Stevenson Oaks Opens New Library

Like all new communities, Stevenson Oaks began to develop various resident committees shortly after opening. One of those committees, is the library committee with Diana Williams taking the lead as President, and Nancy Tucker serving as the Vice President.


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