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Retirement Community in Fort Worth, Texas

Retirement Community in Fort Worth, Texas

A Classic Begins.

All Are Welcome!

Our charter requires that you’re at least 62 at move-in. For couples, at least 1 of you must be 62 or older. And that’s it. We welcome pets and a big beautiful cross section of humanity, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual identity, disability or nationality.


We honor and serve older adults as an expression of Christ’s love.


The Not-For-Profit Difference is Tangible

As a part of Methodist Retirement Communities, a not-for-profit, we pride ourselves in being a faith-based, mission driven community. It’s not enough to have these values on paper, it requires action. That’s why we lean on a set of core values to guide our operations called ICARE. ICARE stands for I- Integrity, C-Compassion, A- Accountability, R-Respect, and E- Excellence. Each value is measurable and requires action! It is with these values at heart that we build our teams and establish standards for employment. We have found that like-minded, value centered people are attracted to this culture which translates to the highest in quality for those who call Stevenson Oaks home. But that’s not the only difference, there are five distinct ways that MRC operates differently as a not-for-profit:

  1. At MRC, accountability comes from a volunteer board of directors who are collectively and individually driven to serve because of their passion for the mission.
  2. Any revenue that is produced at Stevenson Oaks will go right back to Stevenson Oaks to improve the lives of those who live there rather than lining the pockets of shareholders.
  3. MRC is fully committed to each locale with longevity of service at every MRC location.
  4. Since its beginning in 1962, MRC has never asked a resident to leave because they outlived their resources through no fault of their own. Through generous donations, MRC commits to supplement the financial needs of those who qualify.
  5. Our mission truly is at the center of every decision guiding the culture of our organization.

Deeply rooted
Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC)

Established in 1962, Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC) serves over 2,000 residents in 13 senior living communities each year, including College Station, Bryan, Huntsville, Lufkin, Texarkana, La Porte, Corpus Christi, League City, and Fort Worth with a central office in The Woodlands. MRC’s roots go deep in the Lone Star State with communities stretching from the Texas coastline to the pines of East Texas and several places in-between.

Stevenson oaks – Making Good Even Better.

They say it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.  We couldn’t agree more! That’s why, at Stevenson Oaks, we make a big deal over the little things, because those are the details that make good…even better! For example, we take a good meal, and make it even better by making sure our Chef has high-quality, fresh ingredients to work with. We take well-maintained buildings and courtyards to an even higher standard of excellence by adding an expert eye for detail and a team with the know-how to get the job done. We create incredible experiences that are not just fun but also meaningful by providing top-notch entertainment and programming. In short, we’re committed to maintaining Stevenson Oaks as the best senior living community in all of Tarrant County in every way. You’ve seen good…let us show you better.

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A Respectful Nod to Tradition.

Stevenson Oaks is named for the sturdy chinkapin oak and for Rev. William Stevenson, the first Methodist circuit rider in Texas. Rev. Stevenson rode horseback through early Texas settlements, preaching and teaching. His efforts had a civilizing effect, helping those small communities turn the corner from surviving to thriving. We honor him by creating a community in which seniors can learn, grow, embrace the arts, remain richly engaged and find fulfillment – all Fort Worth-style.

The Eden Alternative®

The Eden Alternative® is an international, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating quality of life for Elders and their care partners, wherever they may live.

PineCrest is proud to have officially been certified in the Eden Alternative Registry, which honors those organizations deeply committed to transforming traditional models of care into person-directed approaches that put the individual first.

Make a Difference

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