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Good real food.

Good real food.

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You’ve got options!

The days of standing in front of your pantry, wondering what you can make for dinner are over! At Stevenson Oaks, the question becomes, “Where should I eat for dinner?” You can choose from a variety of dining venues, all handily located right outside your door. Whether you are in the mood for a full-service dining experience with friends at Greer’s Landing, or if you’d rather grab a quick bite after your workout from The Exchange, you’ll find both to be delicious and convenient. You might also enjoy an evening beverage with neighbors at Junction Point followed by some take home dessert that you can save for a mid-night snack.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell. Each menu is as unique as the venue which means you won’t get bored, especially when the Chef rotates offerings and highlights the occasional special. Whether you are hoping to behave or looking to indulge, the menus are sure to suit your taste.

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Fresh food and fresh ideas.

Our dining team works from a philosophy that fresh, from-scratch cooking beats processed, precooked foods in taste, presentation and quality. That’s why you won’t find anything but freshly prepared food on the menus.  Our Chef knows what it takes to support a healthy diet and offers an assortment of enticing dishes that are sure to delight. Additionally, the Chef welcomes your feedback and more specifically, your recipes. That’s right! If you have a favorite dish you’d love to share with your neighbors, pass it along to the Chef, but don’t be surprised if it becomes a standard offering on the menu.

Ready to taste for yourself? Ask our team about setting up an appointment that includes a complimentary lunch.

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Simple and flexible.

At Stevenson Oaks, we keep the dining program simple and upfront. You’ll have meal credits each month to spend as you wish. That means you won’t feel wasteful when you are away from the building, or feel pressured to dine when you aren’t even hungry. Instead, eat what you want, how much you want, when you want it. A meal plan should feel like freedom, not pressure! That’s why the meal plan at Stevenson Oaks works around your appetite as well as your lifestyle. Feel free to use your plentiful meal allowance to entertain guests in the dining venue of your choosing. Each month your balance will reset, giving you a predictable way to plan for what works best for you.

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