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Are you ready to list your home? Top Tips for seniors to be prepared.

Are you ready to list your home? Top Tips for seniors to be prepared.

Are you planning to list your home soon? If you are, there are a few simple things you can do that will make your realtor want to pat you on the back for being so prepared. Here are our top tips for how seniors can prepare their home for the real estate market.

Clean, clean and clean again

If there was ever a time to go a little overboard cleaning your home, this is it. A home that gives an instant first impression of clean and comfortable can win huge bonus points in the minds of those walking through your space. Don't just stop at the basic sweep and mop job. Get into the nooks and crannies. Wipe down each fan blade and every air conditioning vent. Clean every kitchen appliance, inside and out. Sweep the front and back porches, pay careful attention to knock down any possible insect dwellings that have developed. Get every inch of the bathroom with a quality cleaner that leaves behind a fresh scent. Since this should be a very deep clean, you may consider hiring a professional maid service to ensure no task is left undone. Besides, a full team of professionals can accomplish in one day what it may take you weeks to complete.


Unless it is a daily use item like the coffee pot, or toothbrush, pack it away. You want counter tops, shelves, and mantles free of knick-knacks. Closets should be easy to open and close where the buyer can visualize how much storage space is available to them. If your closets are overflowing and cluttered, you are just asking for a bad first impression. Take off all the magnets, grocery lists, and other notes or reminders you may keep handy on the fridge. Even if you have to pack and unpack a few items in the process as unexpected needs come up, this minor inconvenience will be worth it in the end.


While you think your grandchildren are the most adorable humans on earth, photos of them on every surface can be a distraction to those trying to imagine their family inhabiting the space. Seeing photos of you and your loved ones is a reminder that this is "someone else's house." Instead, clear the space of personal photos to allow their imagination to run wild with visions of their children in the backyard, family around the dinner table, and loved ones gathered around the fireplace. Don't worry, you'll be able to put your photos on prominent display when you get to your next home. For now, keep the home as anonymous as possible.

Make Small Repairs

Look around your home and fix the minor issues that may impact a first impression. For example, take care of things like a wiggly doorknob, a drawer that sticks, a garage door that squeaks, or a ceiling fan that rattles. Wait to address major maintenance issues like paint, carpet, roof, or other costly projects until you've had a detailed consultation with a trusted realtor. Your realtor will be an important guide to understand which projects are worth tackling before listing and those that may become negotiating points when an offer is made. Just because you think the carpet should be replaced, doesn't mean this is the right step for resale. The new buyer may prefer to select a hard surface flooring of their choosing or select a specific grade or color of carpet. Ultimately, the investment you might make could be wasted unless it aligns with the buyer's preferences. Focus your energy instead on any small repairs until you have more direction from your realtor.

Focus on Curb Appeal

While most buyers are viewing your home online, some may drive by your home before arranging a showing. Especially those that are watching a certain neighborhood or development for listings. Therefore, you want to give your curb appeal a facelift by adding new mulch to the garden beds, washing the windows, and power washing the siding and driveway. Additionally, keep the grass mowed, paying special attention to any weeds that may pop up.

With a little focus on each of these areas, you'll be ready to list your home with a higher probability of success! Happy selling! 

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