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Why Moving to a Senior Living Community Now Is a Great Move for Your Future

Why Moving to a Senior Living Community Now Is a Great Move for Your Future

For many older adults, moving to an independent living retirement community is a great step forward and a life stage they truly look forward to. But some seniors are very reluctant at the thought of moving into senior living. Some older adults see senior living communities as a step down in their lifestyle, or even an admission that they can no longer live a genuinely independent life.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Nowadays, older adults are living healthier and more vibrant lives than ever before, and senior living communities have evolved to meet the needs and preferences of retirees who wouldn’t even consider slowing down. A senior living community these days isn’t a place where people have to live because they can’t be home anymore. It is home. It’s a huge improvement in their lives. And it’s exactly where they want to be living at this stage of their lives.

Has someone mentioned a senior living community to you, but you’re feeling like it must be too soon to consider a move? Here are just a few of the many reasons why this might be the perfect time for moving into senior living.

Maintenance-free Lifestyle

What if the next time you vacuum your floor, or mow your lawn could be the last time you ever had to do it? Does that sound like you’d be giving up on your independent lifestyle, or improving it? What about the next time your sink starts to leak, or your furnace breaks down? Because it will happen. You’ve lived in a house long enough to know that some unexpected repair bill is always right around the corner.

Moving to senior living means no more home maintenance, period. If a tree branch damages a window, or there’s no hot water, someone else takes care of it, and at no extra cost to you. It’s simply not your problem anymore. You just keep on spending your day however you want, doing, or not doing, whatever you want. Isn’t that what real independent living is? And doesn’t that sound like a real step up in your lifestyle?

You’ll even have the luxury of not having to cook for yourself if you don’t want to. The best independent living communities, like Stevenson Oaks, have great dining options with chef-prepared meals. And the variety we offer means you can choose a restaurant-style setting, or the casual atmosphere of a festive bar and grille.

An Active Social Life

It’s a well-known fact that loneliness is terribly bad for a person’s health. There are, of course, times when time alone is just what the doctor ordered, but having the choice to see friends and engage in activities you enjoy whenever you want to can do wonders for your health. When you choose to age at home,  keeping up with the social activities you love most can become difficult, and can happen less frequently over time.

But moving to senior living means you have a whole community of friends and neighbors all around you, all the time. And with so many fun social activities to choose from at Stevenson Oaks, you’ll be sure to find plenty of like-minded friends who share your interests and values. Clubs, wellness activities for mind and body, and regularly scheduled special events can be a part of your everyday life.

A Plan for the Future

One of the best reasons for moving into senior living is that it puts you in the driver’s seat for your own future. You’ll be in a position to never have to worry about any possible financially catastrophic events. Many forward-thinking communities are what’s known as continuous care retirement communities, or CCRCs. This type of senior living community allows residents to receive increasing levels of care without having to move to another community, or be saddled with tremendous unexpected costs.

At Stevenson Oaks, we help you keep focusing on the lifestyle you enjoy through every level of care, and living life as fully as you can for as long as you can.

Now’s the Time to Consider Moving Into Senior Living

You’re healthy, active, and not even considering the possibility of slowing down. So, free yourself from chores and home maintenance. Live near the activities you love to do. Spend time with friends every day. Let others cook and clean for you. Are you ready for that?

To find out more about the Stevenson Oaks lifestyle, and explore our many independent living options, including our two-bedroom apartments, contact us.

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