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What Is a Faith-Based Senior Living Community?

What Is a Faith-Based Senior Living Community?

For many seniors, the pursuit of total wellness includes caring for the mind, body AND spirit. That’s why many older adults  seek faith-based senior living communities. If finding an independent living community that supports your spiritual wellness is important to you, this blog post will explore some benefits of choosing a faith-based senior living community like Stevenson Oaks.

What Are Faith-Based Retirement Communities?

Many faith-based communities are sponsored by religious organizations. For example, Stevenson Oaks is sponsored by MRC (Methodist Retirement Communities), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable service ministry with a covenant affiliation with the United Methodist Church. Being a not-for-profit allows communities to reinvest their profits into providing services and amenities residents want instead of to shareholders or investors.

Also, understand that, under the Fair Housing Act, communities are not allowed to discriminate because of religion. In general, faith-based communities are very supportive and accepting of all people, regardless of their religious affiliation. They often promote communal values such as supportiveness, familiarity with different cultures and a sense of social belonging in group prayer, worship services or spiritual practices.

The Benefits of Faith-Based Senior Living Communities

If you’re a religious or spiritual person, the primary benefit of living in a senior community with religious roots is that you can easily maintain your current practices. Other benefits include:

  • Shared values: At a faith-based community like Stevenson Oaks, our faith is a part of  every decision, from our mission statement to our plans for daily activities, to our senior care, to the way we connect and interact with residents and each other. We also embrace the beliefs of our residents by providing church and spiritual services, offering Bible studies and observing religious holidays.
  • Supportive community of friends: Making the move to a retirement community can be a big transition that stirs up sadness, fear and uncertainty. If you turn to your faith for support during difficult times, a faith-based community can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity. Faith-based communities can also be a great option for those who are rediscovering or just discovering their faith.
  • Feeling involved: One of the hardest things seniors face when moving to a retirement community is feeling disconnected from familiar surroundings and those they love. Faith-based communities can help create a feeling of real connection and belonging that is vital to overall health, a sense of well-being and fulfillment. Faith-based communities offer many social opportunities including volunteering, worship services, prayer groups, holiday celebrations and more.
  • Being included: Many faith-based communities welcome differing points of view that help residents and staff learn from one another and share their experiences. Even those who don’t believe in God are welcomed to most faith-based communities without pressure to change their point of view. Faith is viewed not as a set of rules to abide by, but as a way of life that includes compassion for others, connection with community and a way to aspire to something greater than ourselves.

Follow Your Path at Stevenson Oaks

To learn more about Stevenson Oaks’ faith-based senior living community and our independent living lifestyle in Fort Worth, TX, contact us here. You can also explore our two-bedroom senior apartment options.

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