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Having a College Near Your Senior Living Community Opens the Door to Lifelong Learning

Having a College Near Your Senior Living Community Opens the Door to Lifelong Learning

Your retirement years are a time to engage your mind and pursue your passion projects in art, science, culture, technology, and other areas that capture your interest and imagination. Opening your mind to new ideas through lifelong learning can keep you on your toes and help you stay sharp as you age. The brain power you invest in learning new skills may benefit your health and improve quality of life as well.

Health Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Research on aging suggests that an enriching environment for seniors, whether through formal college courses or self-directed learning, may have an impact on active aging. Engaging in intellectually stimulating activities can boost the brain’s natural resilience, also called cognitive reserve. This cognitive reserve may help the brain perform better when dealing with the challenges brought on by normal aging and/or dementia.
Consider the benefits of lifelong learning for seniors through educational activities:

  • Brain health. Exercising your mind is a great way to stay mentally sharp. A study at the University of Texas at Dallas found that seniors who took on a mentally challenging activity experienced an increase in memory skills. The act of learning new skills can help build cognitive reserve, which may have an important role in preventing age-related cognitive decline.
  • Social engagement. A classroom setting is a great place for riveting group discussions and interaction with instructors and other students who share common interests. Joining a class or lecture allows you to meet new people and spark new interests to share with family and friends.
  • Physical activity. Participating in different forms of continuing education can help you maintain your physical health as well. The simple act of attending a class or event provides some physical activity, whether you’re traveling across town or walking to a lecture hall on campus. And if it’s a hands-on class in woodworking or pottery throwing, you may also build strength and coordination working with your hands.
  • Emotional well-being. Pursuing your goals and passions can help you find purpose in life and feel good about your plans for the future. It provides a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence in your abilities.

Continuing Education Opportunities for Seniors

No matter how much you’ve learned in a lifetime, there’s always more knowledge to gain. Your retirement years are the perfect time to broaden your horizons and challenge yourself, whether that means playing chess, joining a book club, or studying a foreign language.

You can blaze your own trail at Stevenson Oaks with opportunities to learn something new every day. Our community is a magnet for intellectually curious seniors on a path to personal growth. We offer plenty of on-site opportunities for lifelong learning, including a variety of classes, lectures and study groups to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Our campus is close to Texas Christian University (TCU), where seniors are encouraged to enroll in non-credit college courses and attend lectures in person or via Zoom through the TCU Extended Education program. You don’t have to be on a degree path to take advantage of the benefits of continuing education for older adults; all it takes is the courage to try something new.

Need some ideas to inspire the next chapter of your learning? Explore our independent living options and meet other like-minded seniors at Stevenson Oaks. To learn more about our vibrant community where you can chart your own course in retirement, contact us.

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