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See what residents are saying about Stevenson Oaks Retirement Community.

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“Barb and I cannot wait until Stevenson Oaks is completed! We are so excited to start a new chapter in our life in a beautiful new place! No more yard work, no more home repairs, no more cooking! How can you beat that! We are also looking forward to making new friends and enjoying each day with our new neighbors. This is just like going to camp! See you soon!!”

- Mike and Barb Daily

“As we age, living at Stevenson Oaks will afford us peace of mind and the flexibility to travel as we are able.”

- Bill and Wannee Shaw

“Some of our reasons for choosing Stevenson Oaks:
The prospect of high-quality healthcare when we need it most.
A nice, safe resort-like environment with lots of interesting people.
Lock and leave to enjoy travels without concerns/responsibilities of a house.”

- Clint and Tina Browning

“The enthusiasm of the staff has generated excitement about moving into Stevenson Oaks. They have kept us informed, had events to meet each other, held webinars and really made us all feel involved in building and making Stevenson Oaks our own community. The excitement has continued to grow about all the fun things we will have to do, how beautiful it will be, and the interesting, like-minded people I will be living near. I wish move-in was now!”

- Barbara Wiegand

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