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Stevenson Oaks Opens New Library

Stevenson Oaks Opens New Library

Like all new communities, Stevenson Oaks began to develop various resident committees shortly after opening. One of those committees, is the library committee with Diana Williams taking the lead as President, and Nancy Tucker serving as the Vice President. Williams was an obvious choice when it came time to elect the President as she has a degree in Library Science. Now that the committee was in place, they faced an even bigger dilemma, there was no designated space for a library at Stevenson Oaks. It didn’t take long before the committee had a solution in mind. With the help of Kristi Baird, Executive Director, they identified an unused maintenance closet that had plenty of room once they applied their creativity.

The committee began to collect donated books from the Stevenson Oaks resident body, which more than filled the many shelves. The  committee was then hard at work arranging the books according to the agreed upon system.

Next, comfortable furniture was added, along with a few decorative items, which seemed to be the finishing touches the space needed. “It is hard to believe this space was just a storage space before, it is so lovely and inviting now. It is truly impressive work from this committee and goes to show the difference residents can make in transforming these spaces to fulfill the lifestyle they want,” beamed Baird.

Once everything was in place, the committee hosted a Grand Opening where residents came to celebrate the newly opened amenity and gathering space. The event was so popular that the attendees spilled over into the hallways at various times with each person eager to see the transformation and select a novel to take back to their apartment to enjoy. Baird went on to say, “I can’t wait to see all that the library will hold for our residents in the future. We will be forever grateful to this committee for their hard work.”

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