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Sharing Neighborly Advice

Sharing Neighborly Advice

Panelists pictured from left to right: Zanna Bickman, Joe O’Leary, Linda O’Leary, Jean Ringer, Larry Ringer and Kathy DeLeon, Marketing Director at The Langford 

Who better to address a crowd of Stevenson Oaks prospects and soon to be residents than a panel of residents from an MRC sister community? Residents from The Langford hit the road to bring their best advice and firsthand experiences to an eager audience at Stevenson Oaks. The Langford opened its doors to new residents in 2018 after a long-anticipated period of development and construction. This unique experience makes this group of elders subject matter experts. The group shared downsizing tips, advice for getting involved in community life and even set the record straight on some commonly misunderstood perceptions about senior living.

Perhaps the most memorable moment was when the panel filled with Aggies were quickly reminded that they weren’t in Aggieland when attendees wearing burnt orange apparel entered the room. The room erupted with playful comments of rivalry, but the room wasn’t divided for long. As heartfelt and humorous stories were shared, it became clear that the journey these soon-to-be residents were beginning was a road well-traveled by those who have gone before them.

“Moving to Stevenson Oaks is a milestone moment in the lives of our residents. One that is filled with excitement but also some nerves. We are so thankful that The Langford residents were willing to make the trip to spend time sharing their experiences to add to that excitement and maybe calm some nerves too. Another reason why it is so good to be a part of the MRC Family,” expressed Kristi Baird, Stevenson Oaks Executive Director.


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