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How To Decorate Your Senior Apartment for Spring

How To Decorate Your Senior Apartment for Spring

The beginning of spring is a wonderful time to shed those winter blues and celebrate new life! The weather warms, begging us to get back outside, and all the colors of nature start to bloom everywhere around us.

You can bring that springtime feeling inside, too. When you brighten your home, you’re sure to brighten your mood, and create a welcoming space for family and friends, whether they’re visiting for the day or staying overnight in your spacious two-bedroom apartment.

Here are 10 tips on how to decorate your senior apartment:

1. Flowers and Plants

The simplest way to brighten up a room with a happy springtime feel is to put out some flowers. The burst of color, lively look and floral aroma are the easiest way to celebrate spring in your senior apartment. You can choose a vase of any size and shape, and use it to add even more color to your bouquet.

And there’s no better way to bring nature  into your home than to add some live potted plants. If you choose plants that are easy to care for and will thrive in the light they’ll receive, they’ll bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Whether they bloom flowers or simply stay green, they’ll be the perfect reminder that spring is the time of new growth.

2. A Bowl of Fresh Fruit

As fruit comes into season with the warming weather, a large bowl of your favorite fruits can add a look of abundance for everyone to enjoy. And the best part is you’ll have healthy and delicious snacks on hand for neighbors, friends, and even the grandkids.

3. Spring-Scented Candles and Essential Oils

The beauty of spring isn’t only in the bright colors, but also in the appealing aromas of flowers, trees, grass and earth. Scented candles or oils with your favorite smells … maybe lavender, , hyacinth, or pine … can be  an inexpensive and impactful added dimension to consider while you’re contemplating how to decorate your senior apartment.

4. A Sofa Blanket

Replace your heavy wool lap cover with a lighter fabric and brighter pattern. Changing out your blanket is an easy way to acknowledge the season. And you’ll have virtually endless choices of colors and patterns to choose from and even change for a new look.

5. Throw Pillows

Nothing beats the pop of color some throw pillows add to spring home décor. They’re also inexpensive, and the choices of size, color, shape and pattern make for practically endless possibilities.

6. Wall Art

Hanging some new prints, photos, or other wall décor is the easiest of apartment decorating ideas, and a whole lot cheaper than painting. Floral prints, landscapes, or bright pastels will draw the eye and make any room look like new. You can add a new look to your sitting area, bedroom, or second bedroom for guests who may stay overnight regularly.

7. New Spring Bedding

Ditch the heavy blanket on your bed to mark the change of season with a lighter look and feel. You could even invest in some high-quality sheets for a bit of extravagant comfort. This choice of spring home décor can also carry into your guest bedroom, to liven and lighten up every corner of your senior apartment.

8. Door Décor

Create a festive welcome even as guests approach with a spring-themed door hanging. You could buy a wreath, print, or colorful sign. You can customize a purchase to your liking, or you could even craft something from scratch for a fun project and conversation piece.

9. Decluttering and Spring Cleaning

Conducting a thorough cleaning doesn’t fall into the category of how to decorate your senior apartment for spring, but it really is a great way to usher in the new season. The fresh, bright look and clean smell of a newly scrubbed room can be your method of starting the season anew. And if you need to declutter, you’ll open up the look and feel of your living space. Even if it’s just your guest bedroom that has become more of a storage area, getting rid of extra and unneeded items is always a freeing and uplifting experience.

10. New Furniture or Rug

If you really want to make a change, you can buy a new piece of furniture to brighten your home. A new chair to wrap yourself in, or a centrally located area rug can improve the entire look and feel of a room. You could even consider having your favorite comfy chair reupholstered for a fresh, new look.

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